Hosted by award-winning, super-friendly and charismatic bartenders and with many drinks options to choose from, we can customise your drinks event to suit any occasion.

Bespoke bar Experience

Our bespoke bar service is your canvas for crafting truly unique experiences. Whether you envision a simple branded bar or a complex, multi-theme extravaganza, our team possesses the creativity and logistical expertise to deliver. From the initial concept to flawless execution, we guarantee everything will unfold seamlessly and on time. Our ultimate focus lies in curating extraordinary moments that resonate long after the event is over. See some examples of what we can do…

luxury festivals

Our client, a renowned events organizer, approached us to curate a dynamic cocktail experience for a private luxury festival.

Set on a sprawling country estate, this multi-day event promised immersive experiences and a wide range of shifting themes, from a tropical tiki poolside party, to a retro 90’s nightclub concert.

The challenge required a team that could seamlessly adapt to rapidly changing environments while maintaining an unparalleled level of service.

bespoke bars by twist events

For 13 years, we've honed our expertise managing operations for the prestigious 50 Best Bars events. Upon taking the reins, we unified all bars, streamlined communication, and created meticulous systems where no detail is overlooked.

This transformation elevated the guest experience and empowered us to scale alongside the event's international growth. Such events have involved challenges like designing and building 15 bespoke bar setups to sorting 15,000 glasses in remote locations lacking bar hire companies.

Yet, our dedication and adaptability ensure consistent quality and flawless execution, regardless of the event's location.

wedding day with twist events bars

The clock was ticking as we descended upon the iconic Natural History Museum in London. With just 45 minutes to transform a hallowed exhibition space into a bespoke cocktail bar for a glamorous wedding reception, meticulous planning became our superpower. 

Fueled by adrenaline and precision, our team executed a symphony of setup.  As guests arrived, not a hint of the logistical race remained – only an elegant bar, exceptional drinks, and seamless service.

The result? A splendid wedding celebration that flowed effortlessly, a testament to our ability to deliver unforgettable experiences under even the most challenging time constraints.

canned cocktail

Looking for Something Truly Unique?

Our clients rely on us to host some of the most stunning and extraordinary parties on the planet. From hush hush hidden garden parties, to all out extravaganzas—we’ve seen and served it all. If you’ve got the dream, we’ve got the team.

Why Choose Us

  • Over a quarter of our staff have been with us for more than 8 years. Our bartenders are among the UK's finest. The 50 Best Brand—a leading authority in global gastronomy and drinks—trusts us to run the bar and operations for most of their events.

We Sweat the Details

Does your venue layout allow for smooth mingling? What happens if the weather changes? Or more guests arrive than planned? Are basic needs like napkins and stirrers easily accessible?These are the things we obsess over.

We Handle The Unexpected

Client calls. They’ve got the dates wrong. The event isn’t tomorrow, it’s today. Crisis? Not for us. We raced from Manchester to London and built the bar in 35 minutes flat. True story.

We’re Trusted by Top Brands, Renowned Institutions and Celebrities

From the White Tie & Tiara Ball and parties in Mustique to the Cannes Film Festival and UEFA Champions League. We’ve hosted some of the world’s most prestigious events.

We Strive to be Ethical and Eco-friendly

Most of our core ingredients come from within a few miles of each event. All waste is recycled, including fresh ingredients like lemon husks which we put into our homemade syrups. Our van is 100% electric. Some of our suppliers deliver to us by bicycle. Talk about a low carbon footprint.


After decades of working events, we’ve built relationships with some of the best venues and caterers around.

Ask For Venue Reccomendations
50 best bars event

Caterer Recommendations

Looking for delicious food and exceptional service? We'll connect you with culinary teams that source the finest ingredients and craft dishes that delight the senses.

wedding table with bride and groom

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wedding food table

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"Delivering a series of over 50 events across the UK, the extremely resourceful and very charismatic team at Twist went above and beyond to ensure the success of our campaign.

Nothing is too much trouble, and their ability to adapt to changing circumstances on the fly gives great reassurance. We look forward to working with the team for our next events."

Ben Kendall
UK Marketing Manager, AIRB&B

Pricing Plans

While the majority of our events are bespoke, we also offer standard “off the shelf” bar event packages as a starting point. Got an idea? We can help make it happen!

All cocktail menus come with alcohol-free options as standard. Other dietary requirements are happily accommodated where possible.

All events can be tailored to suit your specific requirements

Transport & set up costs dependent on event location & timings. Standard fees from £250+VAT.

Optional Extras:

Want to personalize your event further? We offer a variety of optional extras to tailor the experience to your specific needs:

Mobile Bar Branding - £TBC
Champagne Service - £20pp
Sparkling Wine & Bottled Beer Combo Package  - £15pp
Sparkling Wine - £12pp
Premium Bottled Beer Selection - £8pp

Transport and setup costs are based on your event location and timings. Standard fees start at £250+VAT. We're happy to discuss your vision and customize a package that perfectly complements your event.

Mobile Cocktail Bar Package

Please note VAT is applied per person for each package.

from £35/pp


3 x cocktails per person

Cocktail bartenders

Tray service / drinks clearing staff

All glassware & equipment hire

All ingredients, ice, & anything else you can think of

FREE Mobile Bar Hire for 50+ Guests

Need Exceptional Drinks For Your Party?

Our team has hosted some of the most exciting parties on the planet. If you’d like to get in touch, please use the form below to do so and we’ll promptly follow up. We can’t wait for your event!

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